Day 4: Jenny Lake

Good morning!!! The final 4th day of our trek began, as the rest did, beautifully! What a wonderful sight to wake up to!

Here’s our deliciously comfortable camping spot on the shore of Holly Lake and I’m sure if you zoomed in super closely you’d spot atleast a couple of marmot running around our site!

The hike down Paintbrush Canyon descended a good 2,000 feet over several miles towards Leigh & Jackson Lakes, seen below, before turning southwards towards String and, finally, Jenny Lake.

Nearing the end of our hike, we emerged out of the canyon at String Lake with beautiful views of Teewinot Mt & Mt Owen:

Three or four miles later we’d be back at Jenny Lake safe and sound! And what was left to do after 4 days in the wilderness??? A dunk in the ice cold lake!!! I took a video of Ryan squealing like a girl as he splashed around in the glacial waters but I think we might have erased it by accident :-(  Too bad, it was hysterical!
 But anyways, here’s our very wet self-portrait as we dried in the warm sun!

Exhausted yet refreshed and immensely satisfied, we treated ourselves to some ice cream in the Jackson town square.

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