Mountain Madness 50K

I had forgotten how hilly, rocky and tough this race is! Who knew NJ trails could be so crazy technical?! 

Around mile 7ish EVERYONE got lost. We came upon this section where 3 trails diverged but none were marked with the course flagging. No matter which trail you chose, you’d inevitably run into a group of runners retracing their steps back telling you to turn around because it wasn’t the right one. Here’s a picture of a perplexed group literally just standing there hoping for some divine intervention.

The course covered some seriously technical terrain that was beautiful and really tough. I had to remind myself to lift my eyes from the trail to admire the foliage and take a few pictures.  Luckily I didn’t fall but I did have at least 5 or 6 major trips when I thought I was going to die. I did some amazing airplane wings and let out some rather loud and strange grunts/cries as a shot of adrenaline kicked through my ENTIRE body. I hate that feeling! “#@$% I’m falling! No! Yes! No! AHHHHHH! …. whoa.”  I always have to take a moment to bring my breathing back down and calm my heart rate & nerves after that. 

Anyways, here are some pictures on the course to give you an idea of the 50 kilometers of fun :-)

[ummm…what trail?]

[short but sweet (and pretty) flat bit and luxurious stream crossing assistance!]

 [back to the rocky climbs.]


[Mile 22: literally “The Wall”]

[so peaceful and beautiful! I love autumn trail running!]

 [Rocky goodness. Until you miscalculate your footing and bang your toe against one…]

Last year I had my first ever race win on this course and this year, without intentionally setting out to “defend” my title, I somehow managed to cross the finish line first again and won the Eastern Regional 50K Championship! I think this is my lucky race ;-) 

 [race director, Rick, giving me my award (I look like a happy goon). Dunno why the award is by the RRCA since it was on trails but whatever! I’ll take it ;-)]

 [Best part about the finish line!] 

Ok, time to sit on the couch with my feet up and my muscle squeezing recovery compression tights on! 

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