Arthur’s Seat

During our last minute trip over to London this past week, we managed to squeeze in a super quick 30-hour trip up to Scotland to visit Ryan’s family. After heading up to Dundee, Forfar and Aberdeen, we made it back to Edinburgh with about an hour to kill before our flight back to London. So, of course, we immediately switched into our Icebreaker running outfits (which by the way are PERFECT for cold, wet UK winter weather) and headed up Edinburgh’s iconic hill: Arthur’s Seat. This 823 foot volcanic hill can be seen from miles away as it jets above the city. It had been 10 years since Ryan’s last heart-pumping run up to the top. We did a little “warm-up loop” up to and above the Salisbury Crags before tackling the final ascent to the top of Arthur’s Seat. It was beautiful and ridiculously fun despite the cold and gloomy mid-winter weather.

[running below the Salisbury Crags with Arthur’s Seat looming above us in the background]

[running along the upper edge of the Salisbury Crags]

[warm-up loop before running up Arthur’s Seat behind us]

[beautiful views of the city and Edinburgh Castle]

[the top of Arthur’s Seat!]

[view of the Salisbury Crags from Arthur’s Seat]

We finished the run in exactly an hour, dashed over to the airport and jumped on the EasyJet flight straight back to London, still feeling a bit sweaty and muddy :-)

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