Mudders & Grunters

Another sub-freezing late March morning, another opportunity to run outside :-) This time it was a 5 mile trail race in Westchester county about 50 minutes north of NYC. The race is called Mudders & Grunters and muddy & grunty it is! I’ll let the photos do most of the talking here but needless to say it was frigidly fun to do some bog snoggin’ in the mud pits and then “wash off” towards the end of the course with the much anticipated water hazard crossing! We heard that the first guys who came through the water actually had to break through a thin layer of ice on the top!!!! Brrrrrrrrr!

Bess & me – clean and shiny before the start.


Oh yes! Mmmmmm muddy fun!

Here comes Ben, not far behind the lead guys! He ended up finishing 8th overall (2nd in his AG) and even managed to thrill the crowd with a hell of a water entry:




Woah!! Total submersion!

Next up, The Shin-tuation. I think he missed the memo that it was 30 degrees. But we’ll forgive him because he’s got nice abs ;-)

Mud-Warrior-Bess bravely pops her trail racing cherry!

And yours truly… with a very lady-like hop into the ice water despite Ryan & Dima’s heckling for me to cannonball. Yeah right!

Yes. We think this is fun.

The after photo. Now the boys look cold!!

All in all, it was a gorgeous day and running with great friends made all the scrapes, bruises, falling, and freezing worthwhile. Especially since we got to spend the rest of the afternoon stuffing our faces at a local BBQ joint.

Time to get back to packing now. Moving day is tomorrow. All of our belonging are going to their new storage unit home :-(

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