TrailRunner Magazine Photo Contest

Earlier in the year we submitted 6 photos to the TrailRunner Magazine photo competition. The editor contacted us for more details on three of our submitted photos which had been selected for “final consideration”. We were pretty pumped about that but then didn’t hear anything else about it for several weeks. Until…. we picked up the April 2012 edition at a local running shop yesterday…..

You can imagine our surprise when we flipped through the pages of the magazine and saw one of our photos! BAM!!! A double page spread!!!!

Who knew anyone would want to publish a picture of Ryan with his crazy mountain man beard?!?! ;-)

Well, needless to say, we’re both super stoked about the feature. And for anyone who’s interested in where we took the shot, it was on the trail coming off of Cory’s Pass in Banff National Park, Canada (July 2011). The loop up to the pass, over it and then around the mountains back to the trailhead is only about 8 or 9 miles long but absolutely incredible and challenging.

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