TransAlps Day 1

DAY 1: Ruhpolding (GER) to St. Johann (AUT)

I don’t know all the dirty details of Ryan & Ben’s first day of TransAlpine masochism but they used the words: “wet”, “hardcore”, “beautiful”, “amazing”, “insane” and “free beer” in their brief description of the event so far.

They caught the racing bug and decided to go out hard and fast. Whether that was a good idea remains to be seen, but what is for certain is that they are facing some of the hardest yet most rewarding running of their lives.

Ryan mentioned that the organization of the race is unlike anything he’s ever seen and puts to shame even the greatest of races here in the States:

We managed to make the finish line in 9th place and it was the best finish area ever, complete with fountains to dunk legs in, deck chairs to collapse in, blankets to stop Ben from freezing to death and free beer. Nuff said.

The race photographers have posted some pretty unbelievable photos of the race too! They are in an entirely different league from the mediocre (at best) race photos you can buy (for an exorbitant price) at road and trail races over here. The composition, angles, lighting, clarity, scenery and emotions they capture are exceptional. These are true photographers, not just random people gone shutter happy.

While I wait for Ryan & Ben’s write-up of the day’s miles, I’ll share the photos that they took which mostly make it look like Ben got to run through the Alps all alone with a personal photographer documenting his every step ;-)

Clean shoes and fresh legs at the start of the TransAlps race in Ruhpolding, Germany. 0 miles done, 200 miles to go!

The finish of day 1:

I’m a bit concerned that everyone in the photo above and clearly Ben in the photo below are bundled up… except for Ryan (in the photo above) who looks like he’s on holiday in Spain.

Distance (miles)
Vertical climbing (feet)
Vertical descending (feet)
Finishing time
Average pace (min/mile)
Men’s Team Division place

31 miles done, 168 miles to go!

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