TransAlpine Photo Bonanza

It’s been just over a month now since the incredible experience of the TransAlps and I think its now safe to say that both Ben and I have survived relatively unscathed. As expected most of the painful memories have faded leaving mostly good ones, although I think we are both quite pleased to have finished the race so there is no unfinished business to settle there in 2013! Surprisingly we were both pretty eager to get back to running as soon as possible and have already picked out and signed up for our next road marathon, Los Angeles  in March 2013!

I mentioned in the race recap post about the great organisation of the race and one of the real pleasures each evening (well only pleasure really!) was watching the photo slideshow and video of the days action. They had some great photographers out there who were able to capture the feelings and atmosphere of each day so well, it really inspired and motivated you. It’s a real joy to look through creative photos rather than the usual bland, technically inept shots you get with most race photography. Ben and I were always amazed when we’d pass by a photographer or videographer in some remote, freezing, foggy bog somewhere high up along the route with no obvious access point for miles around. Kudos to these guys for getting to these spots to capture some great moments in the race.

Anyway just in case you were bored with seeing lots of photos of Ben from my race recap, here are some more photos courtesy of the people at where you will find my lovely face! You can see the complete album along with my own photos here.


[The start of the race on Day 1. Completely unaware of the thrashing we are about to receive.]


[Checking out the spectacular waterfall we just ran under on Day 1]


[Day 2 started off with a brutal hands on knees climb to a razor sharp ridge. From here on in we would use poles every day!]


[Finishing Day 2, Ben’s face says it all.]

[Ok Day 2 complete, where is the beer?!]


[A foggy Day 3]


[Day 3, head down, relentless forward progress!]


[Day 3, a bit like running in the Lake District]


[Day 3, wet, boggy and foggy. Fun!]

[Day 4, crossing from Austria to Italy]


[Day 4, Team The Reservoir Dogs!]

[Day 4, not sure why I am smiling, I was obviously faking it.]


[Day 6, descending after the longest climb of the race]


[Day 6, Sorry Knees]


[Day 6, cruising along]


[Day 7, pounding out the miles with the Adam and Andy from Team Tyne and Weary]


[Day 7, the pain was diminished somewhat by views like this!]


[Day 7,  making faces]


[Day 7, the face says it all]


[Day 8, The End]

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