You’d think that after a year of living in a tent we’d avoid it like the plague. But to be honest, I’d choose snuggling in my sleeping bag outside over a real bed most of the time. And on days like this, it’s just the ultimate room-with-a-view:

The starlit night sky was as pristine as the sunrise and the air was perfectly still. It wasn’t a bad night’s sleep.

We split the 12-hour drive from Boulder to the Grand Canyon into two parts with an overnight in one of the most amazing places out West: Moab, Utah.

Wilson’s Arch:

Warming up the legs before the next day’s grand run across the Grand Canyon…twice!

Quiet and cool.

A few hours further south along the road… a Mexican jumping bean and the Mexican Hat Rock:

Further along, in the Navajo Nation, we were completely mesmerized by Monument Valley.

Quick! Run into the middle of the road and JUMP!

We arrived at the south rim of the Grand Canyon in time to catch a first glimpse of The Big Ditch at last light and then tucked into our sleeping bags for a restless sleep before our big adventure run…………


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