Peak District Bog Snogging

I wish I stayed in bed….said no-one….ever.

There aren’t too many better places to run than the Peak District but getting up early last weekend and heading into the foggy, frosty morning, you could be forgiven for turning back over in bed if the above mantra didn’t hold so true.

Our route for the day had it all. Quaint villages, ancient Norman castles, hills, reservoirs, moors, snow, ice, water and of course  the occasional bog. After all, bog snogging is a national pastime for the serious all-season British runner.

My brother and I set out through some of Derbyshires’ finest country scenery…

Running through St. Nicholas Church in High Bradfield:

Running past Agden reservoir as the fog finally starts to clear:

An old bridleway takes us across the moors towards Back Tor:

Old sections of dry stone walling line the route:

A fine and frosty path:

Finally the fog yields to the morning sun…stunning!

Sometimes we even see the sky in the UK!

Crisp, perfect morning to be running across Bradfield Moors:

Had to just stop and admire the bleak but beautiful scenery along the moor:

“Bog Snogging” is an integral part of fell running and is actively encouraged. Running around or jumping over bogs is frowned upon. Injuries sustained during said bog snogging are celebrated and revered.

The icy terrain masking the bogs makes for a fun if somewhat painful surprise:


Heading towards Back Tor feeling very isolated and remote:

Old stone path making for a welcome break from bog snogging:

Looking back across the moors at the route we took:

Champions of the Peak District!

Bogs, as far as the eye can see!

The top of Back Tor with some cool frozen windswept grass:

A quick break to enjoy the sunshine and the views:

The final path towards the car, a perfect day of running!

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