Quad Rock Training Run

The winter lull is coming to an end. It’s about that time to start gearing up for a wild summer season of trail racing with the Quad Rock 50M/25M coming right up in a month’s time!  Race Director, Nick Clark, put on an “official” training run on Saturday so we left the Boulder bubble and hit the trails up North at Horsetooth Mountain Park in Fort Collins, CO.

Quad Rock Training Run-2

Tagging the namesake, Horsetooth Rock. Ryan says “Neigh!”

Quad Rock Training Run-8

Meanwhile, I do my best horsetooth impression… which comes out looking more like a sweaty frog!

Quad Rock Training Run-10

Still not quite a horsetooth but at least Cassie’s impression looks more like a pretty swan!

Quad Rock Training Run-13

Here comes RD (and fellow Brit), Nick Clark:

Quad Rock Training Run-12

Followed by a traffic jam of Team Pearl Izumi ultra runners:

Quad Rock Training Run-6

With the chatty company of friends the first loop went by in a flash. Before we knew it we were back at the starting trailhead and ready to flip it and reverse it for loop #2. As much as the freedom of running itself and the beauty of the surroundings, friendships made on the trail are part of the magic of this sport that captivates me.

Quad Rock Training Run-15

26 miles and 7,000ft of climbing later, it’s time to take a seat, grab a beer and stuff our faces with veggie burgers and vegan (avocado) brownie treats! Mmmm!

Quad Rock BBQ

A beautiful day and amazing (tough) trails. I’m officially pumped for the race on May 11th!

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