Leadville Running Weekend

I guess technically it was a training weekend but surely training isn’t supposed to be this much fun. In the words of Lassen, it’s a party.

Summertime is all about hitting up the high country, so ten of us Boulderites escaped the onset of boiling summer temperatures and set up camp on the shores of Twin Lakes near the town of Leadville, home to Colorado’s highest peak and the iconic Race Across the Sky, for a weekend of high altitude trail running.

Leadville in June-1

We had initially planned to run Hope Pass – the crux of the Leadville 100 mile trail race – but reports of dangerous corniced snow on the pass quickly discouraged us.

Leadville in June-3

So instead we covered 40-45 miles over the course of the weekend along the magnificent Colorado Trail.

Leadville in June-100

The leader (and quite possibly the luckiest dog in the world)…

Leadville in June-102

…and the pack:

Leadville in June-7

Zoom-zooming along the Aspen super highway!

Leadville in June-32

Leadville in June-9

Alberto shows off his moves for the Leadville 100 in August:

Leadville in June-14

And a lucky beaver shows off its amazing engineering skills and home with sweet mountain views!

Leadville in June-23

Dreamy trail running at 11,000′ above sea level!

Leadville in June-26

Zippin’ down the trail:

Leadville in June-34

and along the Twin Lakes shore:

Leadville in June-70

Third run of the weekend and still wearing the same Icebreaker outfit. Smell me, I double dare you.

Leadville in June-78

Ok, then smell Ryan :-p

Leadville in June-101

Don’t worry, we made sure to take a bath after the runs:

Leadville in June-50

…and rehydrate with local brews:

Leadville in June-59

Every trail run should end with a nap on the beach…

Leadville in June-92

drinks with a view…

Leadville in June-57

… and dinner by a campfire:

Leadville in June-104

Mountains, running, beers and friends. This is not training, this is life.

Leadville in June-66

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