For Purple Mountain Majesties

O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties
Above the fruited plain!

A beautiful 4th of July early morning view of Mount Massive (14,428 feet):

4th of July in Leadville-1

With all of us partaking (either as runners, pacers, or crew) in the Leadville 100 race next month, we set off to experience most of the 2nd half of the course on this perfect mid-week holiday.

4th of July in Leadville-4

Heading up the steep backside of Hope… envisioning what this feels like at mile 52 of the 100 mile race…

4th of July in Leadville-5

Breaking above treeline and gathering energy from the beautiful Rocky Mountain views!

4th of July in Leadville-6

4th of July in Leadville-8

The winding switchbacks…

4th of July in Leadville-10

…to the top of the Pass!

4th of July in Leadville-12

4th of July in Leadville-15

4th of July in Leadville-18

Charging to the top:

4th of July in Leadville-21

Hope Pass (12,620′)!


Rocky Mountain Runners:

4th of July in Leadville-24

The amazing Leila Degrave just 5 days after a top 10 (and sub-22 hour) finish at the legendary Western States 100 Mile endurance race!

4th of July in Leadville-25

And Kea, the mountain dog, taking a break from marmot chasing to enjoy the views down towards Twin Lakes below:

4th of July in Leadville-27

Somehow I don’t think most 4th of July celebrations include snow!

4th of July in Leadville-28

Making our way down the other side of Hope:

4th of July in Leadville-29

4th of July in Leadville-30

4th of July in Leadville-31

On the valley floor, trying to find the shallowest point to cross…

4th of July in Leadville-36

4th of July in Leadville-40 4th of July in Leadville-43

Fireworks on the 4th of July!

4th of July in Leadville-44

Popsicles and ice cream too!

4th of July in Leadville-45

And on wards for another few hours along the Colorado Trail and the beautiful Aspen super highway:

4th of July in Leadville-47

and across the planet pine tree:

4th of July in Leadville-51

A junction in the road… which way to go?!

4th of July in Leadville-52

Which ever way leads us across more beautiful terrain and breathtaking views!

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