Indian Peaks Marathon

This little circuit in the Indian Peaks over Pawnee Pass & Buchanan Pass has got to be one of the best loops in all of the Rockies. It’s rugged and striking and an incredible 26 mile mountain run. We are lucky to get to roll out of bed on a Saturday morning and spend the day running through this amazing landscape!


Pawnee and Buchanan Passes-8

Pawnee and Buchanan Passes-12

Pawnee and Buchanan Passes-18

Pawnee and Buchanan Passes-19

Pawnee and Buchanan Passes-20

Heading up to Pawnee Pass above the lingering snow fields:

Pawnee and Buchanan Passes-26

5 miles done by the top of Pawnee Pass on the Continental Divide, 21 miles to go from here!

Pawnee and Buchanan Passes-27

Me & my favorite mountain dog on my favorite mountain pass!

Pawnee and Buchanan Passes-28

Heading over the precipitous west side of Pawnee Pass, dropping nearly 4000ft over the next 7 miles:

Pawnee and Buchanan Passes-38

Straight down to Pawnee Lake and around Thunderbolt Peak before the long climb up to Buchanan Pass:

Pawnee and Buchanan Passes-39

Alberto finds the perfect seat for a mid-run rest along the Cascade Creek trail:

Pawnee and Buchanan Passes-63

Meanwhile Kea makes sure to keep an eye out for marmots:

Pawnee and Buchanan Passes-66

The best part of summer in the Rockies are the raging creeks and all the flowers they bring with them.

Pawnee and Buchanan Passes-62

Meadows full of white bistort flowers, red paintbrushes and sprinkled with yellow Aspen sunflowers:

Pawnee and Buchanan Passes-75

And, of course, the beautiful columbine!

Pawnee and Buchanan Passes-78

Days like this make me wish summer would never end!

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