First of Autumn

The first of autumn called for a celebratory run in the high peaks before the weather starts limiting us to the lower elevations. We were also restless to hit the trails after a week of road running in town (I’ll write a bit on the devastating and maniacal flooding next).

We set off to Breckenridge to run the Breck Crest half-marathon loop. As tempting as it was to run the full marathon course, with a road marathon coming up in 6 days time we decided to keep it short and sweet: 5.5 miles up and 5.5 miles down.


It’s just been three weeks since I was up here for the marathon yet summer seems long gone up here! Everything is turning gold and a chill in the air warned that winter will be here soon.


And just as we neared the top of the ridge it started to snow!




Pointing to the pass that we ran over on the marathon course a few weeks ago.


Kea dog boycotts the family photo in favor of scouting the horizon for marmots…!


A quick and chatty descent along the ski roads back into town wrapped up a beautiful morning in the high country. Running in the mountains makes me happy :-)




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