La Buena Vista

About a month ago, in late October, sandwiched between the fading summer sun and the imminent winter blizzards, and between Cassie’s recovery from the Tussey Mountainback 50 miler and Ryan and my taper for the Mountain Masochist 50 miler, we zipped up into the high country for a weekend of leisurely running, wild camping and hot springs soaking in Buena Vista, CO.


Wide open views and beautifully bright blue skies!


So big and beautiful that we missed our turn off of the dirt road by a couple of miles!


We usually stick to the western side of the valley where the giant 14,000ft peaks are, but running on the shallower eastern side was an absolute delight with gently undulating trails and wonderful views of those 14,000ers.

The final few golden Aspen leaves
Cassie & Kea running along
Mike Oliva and his giant bookbag backpack :-)
Cassie & Silke charging down the trail

Yes, this is how we relax after and before big 50 mile races :-) Not a bad life!


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