Golden Gate Dirty Thirty

They say that good (or is it bad?) things come in three’s… or is it four’s? Well, this was my third running of the Golden Gate Dirty Thirty, the 3rd time I’ve finished it in 4th place and also the 3rd (of 4) races this year where I’ve come in 4th. Geez!  It seems that regardless of what I put into the race, some things stay the same. The first year, I ran cautiously as it was my first ultra since moving to Colorado. The second year (last year), I ran hard, wanting to be as competitive as I could be. And this year, I ran as well as my peak-training legs would let me while maintaining my focus completely on Western States.

What has also remained a constant about this race is how hard it is. And yet, each year I completely forget about that part until I’m 60 seconds in and already huffing and puffing! The 33 miles throw 8,500′ of gain and a little bit of everything at you: rocky single track, creek jumping, meandering smooth single track, rocky ridge scrambles, long climbs and steep descents, Rocky Mountain views, shaded forests and open hillsides. And that is why I love this course and look forward to this race as the butt-kicking start of every summer season.

Each year there are tons of familiar faces running the course, but this year in particular, we had over 25 Rocky Mountain Runners and 8 Boulder Track Club teammates toeing the line. To get to share the race with all of them was one of the highlights of the event.  Here’s a great little summary of the race from our Rocky Mountain Runners team.

Dirty Thirty-21
Rocky Mountain Runners and Boulder Track Club at the start
Dirty Thirty-46
Working hard less than a mile into the race
A gorgeous place to run!
Dirty Thirty-117
Coming through the first aid station
Dirty Thirty-183
Running through beautiful aspen groves
Dirty Thirty-187
Kea decides to run with me for a section and makes Ryan run hard to catch her
Dirty Thirty-236
Finishing together in 3rd and 4th place with Leila DeGrave – really excited to run Western States 100 with her in just a few days!
Dirty Thirty-266
Rocky Mountain Runners!
Dirty Thirty-268
Maybe we didn’t run hard enough…?! Or we just want beer!
Dirty Thirty-293
Awards ceremony
Dirty Thirty-299
1st in age group award
Dirty Thirty-312
Best team ever!
Dirty Thirty-13
Best dog ever!

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