Feetures! Socks

We have been on so many amazing mountain adventures in the past month leaving me with hardly any time to share them here! First, I ran my absolute favorite Colorado mountain loop, the Aspen Four Pass Loop with friends in early August, then our friend Ben from NYC came to visit and we discovered a pretty incredible 30 mile mountain loop in the Indian Peaks, then Ryan and I raced the Pikes Peak Ascent, then I spent a couple of days running around Colorado’s high peaks on a photoshoot for Feetures! Socks, then we spent 2 weeks running around the Alps and racing in the 8-day TransAlpine Run, and finally, this past weekend, we paced our good friend, Alberto, to a sub-24 hour finish at the Run Rabbit Run 100 Miler in Steamboat Springs! How much fun can you possibly squeeze into a month and a half (while still having a “real” full-time job!)?! It’s been incredible.

So while I whip up some blog posts about each of those, I’ll leave you with these stunning photos from the Feetures! Socks photoshoot I was a part of in August. I absolutely love running in Feetures! Socks for about a million different reasons so I couldn’t be happier when they brought me onboard as an elite ambassador earlier this year and invited me to join ultrarunner, Mike Ambrose, and photographer (and fellow Colorado ultrarunner), Matt Trappe, for a photo and video session in the Breckenridge and Leadville area. I came away with an even more profound love for the Rockies, our sport and the people who are part of it. Matt Trappe is super talented and the most fun to work with. He was able to capture the magic of mountains and movement with the click of a lens. The team at Feetures! is enthusiastic and committed to creating the best possible product for runners. And it was fun to chase Mike Ambrose on his local trails just days after his 20-hour Leadville 100M finish.

Click here to check out a few of the photos Matt Trappe took during the photoshoot. I can’t wait to see the rest of them!


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