Tenmile Traverse

Summer is rapidly turning to fall here in Colorado and the season is a short one. With that in mind we decided to combine some Aspen leave peeping with a Colorado classic ridge traverse that’s been on our list for a while. The Tenmile Traverse takes you from Frisco to Breckendridge the scenic way, taking in ten peaks, a bit of scrambling and a whole lot of scenery! An early rise and drive down to Frisco had us at the trail head for first light. With a leisurely start along the bike path, passing some impressively golden Aspens we soon started the big¬†climb up towards Peak 1.

Tenmile Traverse-23
Silke heading up towards Peak 1 with Lake Dillon as the backdrop


We were treated with some great views down below with Lake Dillon to our East and yellow Aspens all around.

Tenmile Traverse-31
Jon and Silke getting to the top of Peak 1


Tenmile Traverse-71
Obligatory running shot atop Peak 1 with Peak 2 in the backdrop


Once a top Peak 1, you are greeted with a spectacular view of the ridgeline.

Tenmile Traverse-94
Running and scrambling = Scrumbling!


After a gentle warm up that connects Peak 2, the ridge starts to become a little more technical and a little more exposed.

Tenmile Traverse-106
Jon displaying good balancing skills


The major highlight is the Dragons Back, between Peaks 2 and 3 which presents an imposing obstacle to the casual hiker.

Tenmile Traverse-113
The start of the Dragons Back between Peaks 2 and 3


Tenmile Traverse-118
Summit of Peak 3 looking down to the last technical climb up to Peak 4


Tenmile Traverse-130
Jon topping out at Peak 4


After summiting Peak 3, there is only one remaining technical section that leads you to Peak 4.

Tenmile Traverse-133
Silke finishes the last technical section on route to Peak 4


Tenmile Traverse-139
Leaving Peak 4


Once Peak 4 is reached it’s nothing but big fat beautiful high alpine ridges to run along! Unfortunately for us, time was getting on and lunch was beckoning so we decided to call it a day at Peak 7 and took the direct route down towards Breckenridge. After a sizeable feat we hopped on the free shuttle back to Frisco and back home to Boulder in time for dinner! Next summer, the full traverse will be high on our list!

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