Chamonix is a mountain lover’s paradise and the ultrarunning mecca of the Alps. And with 8,000 runners there for any one of 5 different UTMB races, the draw was particularly strong for us. So we zipped on over to France to lay eyes on the one and only, Mont Blanc, and to check out some of the iconic trails in the area. With just a handful of days to go before the start of our 8-day stage race across the Alps, and with a bunch of friends from both New York and Colorado in town for UTMB, it was hard to hold back on long steep and beautiful trails but we were in good company for some shorter and easier adventures up the valley walls.

A gorgeous day to run up the Glacier d’Argentiere with Colorado friend, Dana:

Trans Alps-238

Trans Alps-240

Trans Alps-245

Trans Alps-252

Trans Alps-254

Trans Alps-264

Trans Alps-285

Trans Alps-288

Trans Alps-294

Trans Alps-298


Find Ryan!

Trans Alps-306

Trans Alps-309


Messing around along the edge of the postcard perfect Lac Blanc:

Trans Alps-340

Trans Alps-356

Trans Alps-359

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