The Eiger, the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc. Ryan, Lassen and I had 1 week to spare before starting our run across the Alps and those peaks were calling our name. We crowded into a truly compact compact-sized European car and set off to zip around Switzerland for some seriously amazing trail runs in the shadows of those giants.


First stop: Grindelwald, Switzerland – home of the Eiger. Straight up from town, into and out of the rain and the clouds, and before we knew it we’d already climbed 6,000 vertical feet in less than 5 miles. Welcome to the Alps!


Trans Alps-69
Straight up from Grindelwald


Trans Alps-51
Clouds playing hide-and-seek


Trans Alps-54
Excellent pre-TransAlps race tapper week!


Trans Alps-57
Into the mysterious valley


Trans Alps-116
Beyond the mountain hut


Trans Alps-55
Waterfalls everywhere


Trans Alps-72
More uphill running, more waterfalls


Trans Alps-91
Up close and personal with the waterfalls


Trans Alps-102
Disappearing act


Trans Alps-81
This is trail running in Europe


Trans Alps-88
A glacier pops out from behind the clouds


Trans Alps-98
Postcard perfect


Trans Alps-79
Giant wall of ice


Trans Alps-118
Finding yummy snacks along the way!


The clouds reveal even bigger peaks all around!
The clouds reveal even bigger peaks all around!


Sheep butts
Sheep butts


Back to the hut
Back to the hut


The hut
The hut




Beers beneath the Eiger!
Beers beneath the Eiger!


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