Magical Moab

There is nowhere on the planet quite like the southern Utah deserts. We are lucky to be able to jump in the car after work on a Friday and spend the weekend exploring one of the most magical places I’ve ever set foot on.

Fresh off our Sean O’Brien 100K last weekend we enjoyed the chance to get to spend the day exploring spectacular trails and cheering on our friends and Rocky Mountain Runner teammates who were running the Red Hot 55K.

Moab Red Hot 55K-13

Moab Red Hot 55K-24

After the race start we drove around the cliff edges along the Potash Road to the start of the Portal trail. We gawked at the big walls and wondered where in the heck the trail was and how it would take us straight up from the river to the top! Every twist and turn of the trail surprised us.

Moab Red Hot 55K-36

Moab Red Hot 55K-45

Moab Red Hot 55K-49

Beneath the “Point of Moab” a prominent rock feature which you can see from miles away:

Moab Red Hot 55K-54

Near the top of the Portal trail the exposure is dramatic and breathtaking with views of Moab town, the snowcapped La Sal Mountains to the east and the valley floor 2,000ft directly below us.

Moab Red Hot 55K-59

Moab Red Hot 55K-61

Moab Red Hot 55K-66

Moab Red Hot 55K-69

Moab Red Hot 55K-72

Moab Red Hot 55K-79

Moab Red Hot 55K-87

Once we were up on the Gold Barr Rim / Golden Spike Trail we set foot on the enchanted slick rock – punishing but mesmerizing terrain to run on.

Moab Red Hot 55K-90

Moab Red Hot 55K-91

Moab Red Hot 55K-115

Moab Red Hot 55K-119

Moab Red Hot 55K-125

RMR and Simple Hydration teammate, Ashley leads the 55K women’s race to a first place finish!

Moab Red Hot 55K-138

Moab Red Hot 55K-140

Rocky Mountain Runners, Keely & Kerrie held strong to 3rd & 4th place in the 55K:

Moab Red Hot 55K-153

Moab Red Hot 55K-155

I joined up with my friend Malory and accompanied her for the final 7 miles to the finish enjoying the amazing views over the ridiculously lumpy looking Behind the Rocks Wilderness area where I’ll be racing 50 miles at the end of March!


Such an incredible landscape along the famous Poison Spider mesa!


Here’s a quick video I took of Malory tackling the slick rock like a champ on her way to a 5th place finish!

In the half-dozen or more times we’ve been to Moab we’ve yet to ever set foot in Arches National Park itself. Thankfully there are plenty of amazing structures hiding ’round the bends all over the area like this one called Corona Arch.

Moab Red Hot 55K-188

Moab Red Hot 55K-189

Moab Red Hot 55K-210

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