Running by Tether and Tutu

Running is an individual, selfish and simple sport. They say that all you need is to lace up a pair of shoes (some would argue that you don’t even need that!) and take a first step. Just you, your desire to move, and the rhythmic sound of your breath and footsteps.

I disagree.

This year the Rocky Mountain Runners had the opportunity to enable the Bolder Boulder 10K to introduce an adaptive program for athletes with disabilities — the first program of its kind in the race’s 35 year history. I could not be more proud to have been part of this program and honored to have been able to experience my first Bolder Boulder in this way.

Running for and with others turns the sport into a far more powerful and purposeful activity & experience. To run is to guide. To guide is to run.

In practice, I can simply lace up a pair of shoes and take a first step. But that is not running.

Yesterday, on Memorial Day Monday, I laced up my shoes, donned a tether and a tutu, took to the streets of Boulder and ran.


Team Amelia at the start of the Bolder Boulder


RMR teammates, Adam & Yves, dazzled the crowds with their tutus and helped make sure Amelia could blaze through the throngs of runners along the streets of Boulder


Amelia & I running by tether and tutu


Running up Boulder’s iconic Pearl Street


Yves & Amelia run like ballerinas!


Running strong to a 45:07 finish!


Look up an Achilles International chapter near you to learn how to guide and be a part of something amazing!


Check out these neat little snippets about the race & Amelia that made our local news:





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