About Us

We are mountain ultra runners and outdoor adventurers. Originally from Scotland and Mexico, our lives collided by chance on the running paths of New York’s Central Park. For nearly 6 years we lived in the heart of Manhattan, urban jungle of noise and concrete. Our closets were full of running and climbing gear instead of designer shoes and handbags and we rode our bikes to work instead of cramming on the subway. It may not have been glitzy or glamorous but it was our New York and we liked it that way.

Despite our intensely urban environment, DirtProof came from our insatiable appetite for the great outdoors. We loved NYC for its liveliness, energy and liberal mindset, yet we lived for those great moments in nature when we could immerse ourselves in a different kind of buzz, adrenaline rush and freedom. We wanted to feel our heart pump and the dirt beneath our feet.

So, in early 2011, we packed up our things and embarked on a year-long mountain adventure honeymoon — the Himalaya, the Alps, the Southern Alps of New Zealand, the American & Canadian Rockies, the Patagonia and the Andes. In the end, Boulder, Colorado stole our hearts. Ever since, we’ve been living our dream of running in the mountains (with the Kea dog) every day, biking to work and enjoying any one of our town’s 25 microbreweries.

We hope you’ll join us as we share the impressions of our adventures in the dirt.

-Silke & Ryan