Ryan’s Race Results

I have been running my whole life and am just as obsessed by it as I’ve ever been…maybe even more so! Racing is a big part of that as it’s a great excuse to travel to cool places, run with cool people and see some stunning scenery. For me racing is about suffering and I love to suffer. The harder, the higher, the longer, the faster the better. Nothing in life can replace the feeling of finishing a successful race when you had to dig hard, suffer more and struggle longer. It’s an endless pursuit that knows no age, no ability, no limits. Wherever you are, whatever your circumstance, running can offer you something. Be it road, mountains, short, long, multi-day, multi-discipline, you’ll find me out there with the same excitement I’ve had over the last 30 years and hope to have over the next 50!



Trail Race Results

YearRaceDistanceTimeOverall PlaceNotes
2019Dirty Thirty50K4:44:051
2018Ramsay Round100K22:30
2018High Lonesome 100100M21:02:591Course Record
2018Trail World Championships85K9:25:5016Team GB Silver Medal
2017Bob Graham Round62M14:17:36
blog post
2017Quad Rock25M3:34:162results
2016Ultra Trail Mount Fuji (UTMF)100M (rerouted to 47K) 4:02:075results | blog post
2016Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB)170K25:37:3322results | blog post
2016Dirty Thirty50K4:58:474
2016Quad Rock50M7:20:271
2016Gorge Waterfalls100K11:52:3031
2015TNF Endurance Challenge Championship - San Francisco50M6:32:505 results | blog post
2015Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB)170K23:10:078 (updated positioning due to disqualification of 5th place runner)results | blog post
2015Pikes Peak Ultra50M8:09:561results
2015Western States100M18:16:2416results | blog post
2015Sean O'Brien100K8:41:411results | blog post
2014Pinhoti 100100M17:19:551results | blog post
2014TransAlpine Run - Day 834K2:58.241 (individual)
2014TransAlpine Run - Day 742K3:58.151 (individual)
2014TransAlpine Run - Day 639K3:37.322 (individual)
2014TransAlpine Run - Day 5 Vertical K6.4K48.481 (individual)
2014TransAlpine Run - Day 432K3:31.451 (individual)
2014TransAlpine Run - Day 330K3:17.147 (individual)
2014TransAlpine Run - Day 250K5:17.2411 (men's team)
2014TransAlpine Run - Day 150K5:04.2510 (men's team)
2014Pikes Peak Ascent13M2:29:3723results
2014San Juan Solstice50M9:17:123results | blog post
2014 ThunderRock 100100M17:47:551results | blog post
2014Zane Grey Highline Trail 50M53K (modified course)5:13:121results | blog post
2014Behind The Rocks Ultra56M8:18:201results | blog post
2013Mountain Masochist50M7:19:472results | blog post

2013Imogene Pass Run17M2:32:234results | blog post
2013Speedgoat50K5:53:5110results | blog post
2013San Juan Solstice50M9:33:427results | blog post
2013Dirty Thirty50K4:50:115results | blog post
2012Moab Trail MarathonMarathon3:34:0514results | blog post
2012TransAlpine Run Stage 150K5:05:5112results | blog post | photos
2012TransAlpine Run Stage 235K4:34:0427results | blog post | photos
2012TransAlpine Run Stage 347K5:38:4323results | blog post | photos
2012TransAlpine Run Stage 443K5:02:2816results | blog post | photos
2012TransAlpine Run Stage 533K5:19:5966results | blog post
2012TransAlpine Run Stage 639K4:34:3211results | blog post
2012TransAlpine Run Stage 742K5:00:5012results | blog post
2012TransAlpine Run Stage 833K3:32:1314results | blog post | photos | race report
2012Speedgoat50K6:11:1614results | blog post
2011HURL Elkhorn50K4:54:483results | blog post
2011Turkey Track TrailHalf-Marathon1:35:502results | blog post
2011Longshaw Sheepdog Trials Fell Race6M0:40:471results | blog post
2011Hellacious Trail Challenge10M1:07:097results | blog post
2009The North Face Endurance Challenge Bear Mountain50K4:39:111results | blog post
2009Mind Over Mountain Adventure RaceAdventure Race7:14:51Mixed team | results | blog post
2009Wakely Dam50K6:16:512results | blog post
2009Mudders & Grunters5M0:33:078results | blog post
2009Mountain Masochist50M8:52:3726results | blog post
2009Timberline Trail MarathonMarathon2:53:581results | blog post
2008Curly's Trail MarathonMarathon4:15:342results | blog post
2008Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon GlenfinnanOrienteering Race16:46:4324A category | results
2008The North Face Endurance Challenge Bellingham50K5:30:252results | blog post


Road Race Results

2020Napa Valley Marathon Marathon2:27:471st place
2019Houston MarathonMarathon2:35:5765th place
2015New Jersey MarathonMarathon2:33:402nd place
2013Loch Ness MarathonMarathon2:37:375th place | results | blog post
2013LA MarathonMarathon2:35:0421st place| 7th place AG | results | blog post
2013Ralston Creek Half-MarathonHalf-Marathon1:15:252nd place | results | blog post
2011Auckland MarathonMarathon2:59:2344th place | results | blog post
2009NYRR Team Championships5M0:27:48results
2009NYRR Pride Run5M0:38:01results
2009Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run10M0:59:20results
2009Boston MarathonMarathon2:57:21results
2009NYC TriathlonOlympic Triathlon2:12:400:18:11 swim | 1:10:27 bike | 0:38:38 run | results
2008Reach The BeachRelay25:20:0022nd overall | 8th Open Mixed team | results | blog post
2008NYRR Team Championships5M0:28:27results
2008NYRR NYC Half-MarathonHalf-Marathon1:20:58results
2008NYRR Grand Prix Half: BronxHalf-Marathon1:21:43results
2008NYRR Grand Prix Half: ManhattanHalf-Marathon1:18:18results
2008NYRR Fifth Avenue Mile1M0:04:53results
2008Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run10M0:59:44results
2008NYC MarathonMarathon2:50:10results
2008Boston MarathonMarathon3:03:18results
2008NYC TriathlonOlympic Triathlon2:26:280:26:04 swim | 1:13:29 bike | 0:42:42 run | results | blog post
2007Reach The BeachRelay25:23:5525th overall | 5th Open Mixed team | results
2007NYC MarathonMarathon3:02:49results
2007NYRR Grand Prix Half: QueensHalf-Marathon1:20:56results
2007NYRR Marathon Tune-up18M1:51:519th place overall | results
2007NYRR Wall Street Run3M0:17:19results
2007NYRR Fifth Avenue Mile1M0:04:56results
2007NYRR Holiday Run4M0:22:40results
2007NYRR Team Championship5M0:29:05results
2007NYRR Healthy Kidney Run10K0:37:11results
2007NYRR Joe Kleinerman Run10K0:35:40results


Moab Trail Marathon 2012